Sapientia, a Textual Theme

A customisation of the “Simplified Dark” theme that ships with Textual (originally by Ben Alman). The idea was to re-tool it towards some more relaxed and “earthier” colours, in addition to switching the theme to Helvetica.


Click the image for a full-sized version.


Sapientia 1.0

Instructions: Unzip the file, and place in your “~/Library/Application Support/Textual/Styles folder”.

2 thoughts on “Sapientia, a Textual Theme

  1. emerge

    How the heck did you change the sidebar colors? I have been looking at your css for a while trying to figure it out.

    1. Noah Post author

      In Textual 2.0.7 and earlier you could set custom sidebar-colours, in the “userInterface.plist” file. However, when the developer wrote a new UI for 2.1 they didn’t include the ability to do this (leaving you stuck with the black text on light background).

      However, in one of the 2.1.x versions, the developer did add in a boolean option you can set to give the sidebars a white text on a dark grey background. You edit that in the styleSetting.plist (/Users/username/Library/Containers/com.codeux.irc.textual/Data/Library/Application Support/Textual IRC/Styles/Sapientiae/Data/Settings/styleSettings.plist) for the theme, adding a boolean value “Force Invert Sidebars” and set it to “YES”/true.


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