What would Alexander do in Egypt today?

What would Alexander do in Egypt Today? (Philip Freeman, DesMoines Register)

… Periodic uprisings had rocked the country ever since, only to be crushed by the police state the Persians had created. As rioters ran through the streets in advance of Alexander’s army, everyone wondered what the future held.

When Alexander arrived with his soldiers at Memphis near the pyramids, the first thing he did was enter the temple of Ptah and pay his respects to the god and the new Apis bull. He ordered the religious sites of the Egyptians that had been destroyed by the Persians repaired at his own expense. The priests and the people were thrilled. He appointed capable Egyptians to important posts in his new government. Finally, he invited everyone, foreigners and natives alike, to a grand outdoor party to celebrate the dawn of a new age. …

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AJE: Suleiman, CIA’s man in Cairo

Israeli President Peres meets with Eyptian Intelligence Minister Suleiman (Photo: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Suleiman: The CIA’s man in Cairo – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

Suleiman, a friend to the US and reported torturer, has long been touted as a presidential successor.

Suleiman has long been favoured by the US government for his ardent anti-Islamism, his willingness to talk and act tough on Iran – and he has long been the CIA’s main man in Cairo.

Remains for the week of Aug. 30, 2010

Jay Rosen comments on the media and their political coverage, in the Economist. A recent study finds that people who drink, live longer than those who don’t. Rory Sutherland shares Life Lessons from and Ad Man, and tells us to Sweat the Small Stuff. Finally, Roger Ebert tells America to “Put up, or shut up“.

Links for the week of August 23, 2010

If you plan on graduating from Wabash College, in Indiana, you’ll need to have played the game “Portal”.

Ommwriter – Plaintext editing, zen style.

How to read without distraction.

Dieter Rams, a major inspiration for design at Apple.

Safari Reader Mod, makes things a bit nicer.

Miniature Pencil Art, carved in the lead/graphite of pencils.

I guess Android development rakes in the cash after all.

Fighter jets and Russian bombers, in Canada:

7 Recommended Podcasts

In the summer of 2005, I watched Steve Jobs demo the new version of iTunes on stage at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, and was quickly interested in the world of “Podcasts” that he introduced to me. Podcasts are audio or video shows that you can download on the internet, automatically, by subscribing to them in a podcast client (e.g. iTunes). Podcasts almost all free, so there’s no cost associated  with them – other than your internet connection. So now, five years after being introduced to podcasts, and years of listening/watching later, I’m going to share a few of the ones that I have found interesting over the years…

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My Fanfiction.net Reading System


I first started reading fanfiction around 1999, and ever since, I’ve kept coming back to it – some might even say that I’m addicted to it. What are fanfiction stories? Fanfiction stories are stories about the characters or world of some pre-existing fiction (be it a movie, book, game, TV show, etc.), by unofficial authors (i.e. it’s “fiction”, written by “fans”, thus the term “fanfiction”. Throughout most of the time I’ve been reading, I’ve done so on a site called “Fanfiction.net” – one of the largest fanfiction repositories for English language “fics” (a slang term used to refer to fanfiction stories).

Having read thousands of fics, I like to think I’ve somewhat refined my reading habits, and perhaps even streamlined the process somewhat. So, I’m writing a description of my insanity, and plan to focus on three main areas: finding stories, reading stories, and bookmarking/returning to stories.

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